Let us analyse your power consumption and we will choose the right size solar system and lease term to suit.​

  • Your electricity savings will be greater than your monthly lease payments leaving you with spare cash flow

  • Your lease payments are 100% tax deductable

  • At the end of the lease you own the system and continue to  benifit from lower electricity bills for a further 20+ years.​

A typical 15kW Commercial Solar System will produce in average 65kWh of power on a day which typically gives you about $500/month in savings on your electricity bills
Case Study

David owns a metal fabrication business and had an electricity consumption bill of $3700 per quarter. He is currently paying 26c +GST per kWh used.

David’s business operates from 7am to 5pm Monday to Friday and is closed on weekends. David asked us if we could help reduce his power consumption / power bill.


We analysed his power consumption and identified he was using 128kWh of power between 7am and 5pm each day Monday to Friday.

We recommended a 30kW Solar PV System which on average generates 126kWh of power each day. We installed the system at NO UPFRONT COST and set David up on a 5 year lease agreement.


Miami Stainless Case Study
Miami Stainless Case Study
Miami Stainless Case Study

David’s electricity consumption during business hours immediately reduced by 90%. This generated electricity savings of $2137.00 per quarter.

On weekends, outside business hours David would generate more power than he used which feed back to the electricity grid. David received a feed-in tariff of 16.1c / kWh for this surplus solar power and received a credit on his quarterly power bill of $662.00

David’s total quarterly power bill savings = $2,769.00
Davids quarterly lease payments = $1,958.00


Compared with prior to installing Solar David’s business has now generated a positive cash flow of $811 per quarter without spending 1 cent.


After 5 years David then will purchase the system for $100. As he is no longer required to make lease payments, his solar system will continue to make electricity savings of at least $10,000.00 per year for the next 20 years.


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