Mounting equipment from the Gold Coast’s experts 

The Mounting System we use to install solar panels is designed and engineered for Australian conditions and made from marine-grade anodised aluminium and stainless steel. The system is engineer-designed and approved to comply with all Australian wind loading standards and is made so that no new penetrations are required.

Installation is performed by our licensed electricians, who have full solar accreditation and many years of experience.

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Colorbond/metal roof

On Colorbond metal roofs, we remove the existing roofing screws and fit a bracket with a new screw back into the same hole. Rubber pads are then used to separate the aluminium bracket from the tin to avoid corrosion over time.

Klip-Lok Roof

For Klip-Lok roofs, we prefer to install panels using Klip-Lok clamp brackets, as this eliminates the need to screw into the roof and avoids creating unnecessary roof penetrations.

Tilt frames for flat roofs

Tilt frames are used on flat roofs to obtain the best angle and orientation. This allows you to achieve the optimum production of your system. Panels on a pitch or tilt are self-cleaning, as the rain will wash away dust, salt etc., whereas a flat panel will require more frequent washing to avoid dust build-up.

Tiled roof

Grace Tiled Roof Mount solution is ideal for installations on pitched, tiled roofs, inclined anywhere between 5° and 60°, with specially designed stainless steel brackets are fastened to your roof frame. Before the tile is replaced, a small section of the underside is ground down so the tile sits perfectly flat, so no drilling or cutting is required.

Using this system, the solar panels are mounted neatly and the weight distributed evenly.

Tile roof mounting bracket

Stainless steel tile roof mounting bracket for solar panel racking.

Coastwide Solar installers grind the roof tile down to fit the thickness of the bracket, this way the original seal is still intact and prevents blow-back into the ceiling cavity during stormy weather.

All rafters are pre-drilled before inserting the stainless steel screws to prevent splitting the timber.