Increase your profits by going solar with your business

Solar power is not just for homeowners, it is also a brilliant option for any business!

If you have suitable roof space, you can reduce your power bills and help the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

As most businesses operate during daylight hours, their electricity bills can be extremely high. With ample space, it's possible to cover 100% of your daytime usage.

With electricity prices predicted to increase over time and the prices of solar systems being cheaper than ever before, the return on your investment will be upwards of 25% per annum. That means with a well-designed solar system on your roof, you can look forward to a better than 4 year R.O.I.


Now you can get positive cash flow investments for businesses going solar with CoastWide Solar. You can choose one of our Leasing or Loan Options and pay $0 up-front cost for the system and get better tax benefits.

A typical 15kW Commercial Solar System will produce in average 65kWh of power on a day which typically gives you about $500/month in savings on your electricity bills. The financial returns may vary but in most of cases, the savings are greater than the repayments resulting in a positive cash flow. 

A Commercial Solar System also provides your company the opportunity to display your environmental credentials, showing that your company is reducing it's green house gas emissions. 

Reduce your business electricity costs now with a Commercial Solar System!

How to Start Saving Now with No Up Front Cost
solar for my business
Our expertise in Commercial Solar Systems delivers exceptional results to our customers. Our project experience speaks for itself and the financial returns for your business are clear.
Start saving with Coastwide Solar!
Pay $0 Upfront
Slash Your Power Bills & Receive a Positive Return
Check out some recent commercial installations with CoastWide Solar
FOTO0111 40%
39.75 kW System in Oxenford
39.75 kW System in Oxenford
39.75 kW System in Oxenford
39.75 kW System in Oxenford
39.75 kW System in Oxenford
39.75 kW System in Oxenford
39.75 kW System in Oxenford
How will your business benefit?
High Investment Returns

Hot water will heat from solar most of the time

 Positive Cash Flow

Installed for just less than $200

100% Tax Deductible

It’s simple and adjustable by the user

High Investment Returns

Have R.O.I. starting from 4 years

 Positive Cash Flow

Reduce your energy bills and improve your profits now

100% Tax Deductible

Get more money back with your tax declaration

Variable Leasing Options

Check with us the best option that suits to your pocket

Own The System at the End of Lease

Start saving even more when you own the system

Share to your customers that you are green

Use solar as a marketing campaign


"From our initial contact to request a site survey and quotation, through to project completion we found your team to be extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional."

- Richard and Judy - Robina, Gold Coast QLD

 "Win-win all round!! I highly recommend your company to anyone considering installing solar: Can't beat quality work, fabulous product, wonderful price and friendly, prompt service."

- Robyn and Michael - Ashmore, Gold Coast QLD