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When choosing Solar for your home you need the best for the job , Coastwide Solar is a family run business that has serviced the SE and Northern rivers area for the past decade.  All of our installers are fully licensed electricians who also have CEC Design and Installation. When choosing Solar go with the trusted company Coastwide Solar.


It's never been more affordable to install solar and your return on investment is now only a few years. Installing a Solar Power System to your home will dramatically reduce your power bills. Our solar panels are low maintenance and are covered by a 25 year performance warranty which means you'll be receiving free energy from the sun for many years to come.

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Why go solar?


Electricity prices are continually on the rise and using solar power is the most cost effective way of reducing your power bills. Solar power will reduce your dependence on the electricity grid by providing power to your home during the day. Any excess power you create will feed back to the electricity grid. Your electricity retailer will then pay you the feed-in tariff rate for the excess power fed back.


The Australian Government provides an incentive in the form of small scale technology certificates (STCs) which greatly reduces the upfront cost of the systems. Electricity Retailers also offer a feed-in tariff which applys a credit on your power bill and helps to maximize your return on investment.


Solar systems are extremely reliable with a minimum of 25 year performance warranty on the solar panels and a minimum of 5 years warranty on the inverter. Coastwide Solar provides an Additional 5 year warranty on top pf the manufactures warranty for the first 5 years. Regular maintenance carried out as per our maintenance schedule will ensure long term reliability, performance and system safety. Coastwide Solar offers an annual maintenance/inspection and performance check.


Australia has one of the highest per capita emissions of carbon dioxide in the world. The government has an ongoing commitment to the Renewable Energy Target of 20% electricity from renewable sources by 2020.  By installing solar power you will be contributing towards a cleaner future and considerably reduce your own carbon footprint.


As the need for alternative power solutions is increasing, adding a solar system to your property will not only be a wise investment, but also an attractive asset, adding long-term value to your property.

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Maximize your solar power benefits by using water as a battery

During the sunny days in Australia, most of the houses with photovoltaic solar panels on the roof generate more electricity than they are actually using. When this happens, the excess electricity is exported to the grid.

What many homeowners do not know is that solar panels (Solar PV) installed on their rooftop can be used to heat their electric hot water system. Given that a major energy demand in any home (often around 25%) is for hot water, it makes perfect scense to store your surplus solar power to heat your hot water system during the day, effectively turning it into an energy storage device.


Compared to the tradition solar hot water system which uses radiant heat, solar PV systems are much more cost effective with no energy losses. When the hot water tank reaches full tempreture the surplus solar power will then divert to the grid and you receive a feed-in tariff credit.

The good news is that a solar PV water heating system would require no additional installation other than a timer, which will activate the hot water system only during day light time. You hot water system will then typically be heated using your solar power. On rainy days when the sun is not shining the grid power will still heat your system. 

As an alternative to a timer we also have power diverters which diverts the optimum amount of power. A power diverter will constantly monitor your surplus solar power and energy consumption and will precisely control the amount of power being diverted to your hotwater system to match your surplus solar power. This is very benificial on rainy days and minimises grid usage even further.

High Performance

Hot water will heat from solar most of the time


Timers are installed for less than $200

User Friendly

It’s simple and adjustable by the user


"From our initial contact to request a site survey and quotation, through to project completion we found your team to be extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional."

- Richard and Judy - Robina, Gold Coast QLD

 "Win-win all round!! I highly recommend your company to anyone considering installing solar: Can't beat quality work, fabulous product, wonderful price and friendly, prompt service."

- Robyn and Michael - Ashmore, Gold Coast QLD