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Coastwide Solar - Servicing Gold Coast and Northern Rivers Since 2011 

Install Now - Pay Later

Go Solar Today!


Comprehensive Warranty
Solar Panels - 25 Years 
Inverter  - 10 Years
Installation - 10 Years



8 x 415W Tier 1 Solar Panels

5kW WiFi Inverter 

Free WiFi Monitoring

Ideal for Low

Energy Users




16 x 415W Tier 1 Solar Panels

5kW WiFi Inverter 

Free WiFi Monitoring

Ideal for Medium

Energy Users




24 x 415W Tier 1 Solar Panels

8kW WiFi Inverter 

Free WiFi Monitoring

Ideal for High

Energy Users




32 x 415W Tier 1 Solar Panels

10kW WiFi Inverter 

Free WiFi Monitoring

Ideal for Very High

Energy Users



Prices include standard installation (single story, tin roof).
Additional charges apply for non standard installations. 

Solar and Battery Deals

 from $9,990

GW Solar + Battery_edited.png

6.6kW solar PV with 5kW Hybrid Inverter and 5.4kWh Battery 

6.6kW Solar Special

 from $5,450

Premium 415W Tier 1 Panel backed with a 25 year warranty

Quality Inverter backed with a 10 year warranty

10 year workmanship warranty

Tesla Powerwall 

Huge 13.5kWh of Battery Storage - Double the size of most others

Add to any Existing Solar System - Has built in battery inverter

Back-up Power Functionality - Never be without power

10 Year Warranty - Backed by Tesla Motors

Multi Tesla Powerwall Web_edited.png

 Contact us for Price

On-Grid and Off-Grid

Ground Mount Solar.jpg
Solar Array.JPG

Residential & Commercial

Residential Solar.jpg
Miami Stainless 50%.jpg
10 year_edited.jpg
CEC_ApprovedSolarRetailer_FA_RGB (1).jpg

Contact us for expert advice and a comprehensive free quotation

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Zero Deposit
Green Loans Available

Best Value Tier 1 Brands 

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Coastwide Solar Installations 
Over 5000 Solar and Battery Jobs to Date

Multi Tesla Powerwall Web

Multi Powerwall 27kWh Coopers Shoot

13.3kW Solar Federal


20kw Off-Grid Ground Mount Emerald

roof solar pic

6.6kW Tilt Frame Install Palm Beach


100kW Commercial Roof Top - Miami Stainless


40kW Broad Beach Seniors Club


13.3kW CoopersShoot


6.6kW Residential Casuarina

Peter Photo

Over 10 Years Experience

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