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Coastwide Solar - Product and Workmanship Warranty

Independent from and in addition to the Product Warranties provided by the component manufacturers and any warranties implied or specified under Consumer Law, Coastwide Solar also provides a 10 Year Workmanship Warranty and 5 year product warranty. 

What it covers:

If during the first 5 years of operation, your system suffers a fault or defect in relation to the products supplied (excluding roof top isolators) then Coastwide Solar, will rectify your system at no cost to you. Coastwide Solar will also rectify any damage or workmanship issues, caused by its employees or contractors during the installation process for a period of 10 years. This covers all related costs in relation to repair and/or replacement of components and/or damage and the associated on-site labour.

What is not covered:

Roof Top Isolators which due to their high exposure to the elements are covered by a 2 year warranty. Damage caused to the system by weather or natural events (we recommend that you have your solar system covered under a home insurance policy to cover such events). Fault or damage caused by external factors or events (for example vandalism). Faults or damage caused by tampering with, repair or modification by a party other than Coastwide Solar. Items that are visual in nature or do not affect the performance of the system. Faults or damage caused by the electricity grid. Faults or damage caused due to failure to follow system maintenance guidelines correctly (system maintenance is required at least every two years). Non-compliance with operating instructions. Remote travel costs outside our one hour service region. Incidental or consequential loss in relation to a fault or defect.

What happens after our product warranty expires:

In the event of a fault or defect, you can still rely on the product warranties provided by the manufacturers of the components supplied as part of the system.  For example - Solar Panels typically have a 25 year performance warranty and 15 year product warranty. Coastwide Solar is still your first point of contact and will provide assistance in obtaining warranty resolution from the relevant manufacturer. Manufacturer warranties may vary so you should consult the relevant warranty documentation in relation to the specific products you are considering for full details.


Product Warranty documents are available below. Please contact us if would like additional information.

* This Warranty is at all times subject to and conditional upon the Warranites issued by the Manufacturer of
the individual parts. The relevant Manufacturer's Warranties are available on our website. The Warranty
with respect to any individual parts is subject to and conditional upon the Manufacturer of those parts
abiding by and complying with it's obligations under any warranties issued by the Manufacturer and in the
event that the Manufacturer is unable to comply with it's obligations as a result of the manufacturer being
placed into Receivership, Administration or Liquidation then Coastwide Solar may at its sole discretion elect
to disclaim any obligation under the Warranty and will not be required to repair or replace such part.

Product Warranty Documents:




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