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Product Features
  • High reliability Li-ion battery with 6.3 / 12.6 kWh capacity

  • Scalable battery module (up to 12kWh) for future expansion

  • Built-in power meter simplify system complexity

  • Wide operation temp (-10 to 45°C) ensure household safety

  • IP65 and robust design which can afford 5000 kg shock

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Product Overview

Delta’s BX6.3/12.6_AC100 series high reliability Li-ion battery is a home energy storage solution with 6.3 / 12.6 kWh capacity. It can be integrated with home PV system and can be scalable up to 12kWh for future expansion. With BX6.3/12.6_AC100, house owner can maximize the efficiency of home energy management by saving and managing excess solar energy from home PV system. Besides, it can also act as a source of backup power during emergency or suffering a power outage.

Delta Data Sheet

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