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Microinverters: The Ideal Solution for Heavy Shade Conditions

Microinverters harvest more power from solar panels and are easier to install, monitor and maintain. Another big advantage with Enphase microinverters: they combine ultra-reliable components with a distributed architecture that makes for a more resilient system. That’s something string inverters can’t do.

How it works

Higher production, no matter what nature brings.


Maybe your roof isn’t shaded, so you think microinverters aren't for you. Well, think again.

First, every system experiences some shading at some point during the day -- and Enphase tolerates shading better than others. Second, shading is only a part of the story. Think dirt, leaves, scratches, snow….

Third, even if you keep your panels spotlessly clean, wear and tear won’t happen uniformly, and temperature differences occur naturally. No matter what, you’ll deal with panels operating at different levels of efficiency (an occurrence known as module mismatch). And if you’ve got microinverters, you’ll maximize your production in spite of it.

Enphase M215 Microinverter Datasheet

In addition, you can also download the full user manuals and other related files directly from Enphase's website:

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