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Solar Panels

At Coastwide Solar, we supply premium-quality solar panels that are ideally suited for Gold Coast conditions. All of our panels have been independently certified for resistance against salt air, fog, hail, fire, ammonia fumes and wind loading. All of the solar panel manufacturers that we deal with have Australian-based offices to ensure they are easily contactable for any future warranty claims. 

What do I have to consider when choosing my Solar Panels?

There are so many solar panels on the market to choose from and, with a 25-year manufacturer's performance warranty on most, it’s important to choose a quality panel from a reputable manufacturer who will be around to honour these extensive warranties. Choosing a quality panel from a top manufacturer will give you the confidence that your solar panels will continue to perform consistently throughout their lifespan. 

In the Solar industry, panels and manufacturers are graded against a Tier System. The 3 Tier system takes into account a number of factors including: how the panels are manufactured; the materials used; and the length of time the manufacturers have been in business. 

Understanding the 3 Tier System

At Coastwide Solar, we only select Solar Panels from Tier 1 Manufacturers who are amongst the largest and most respected solar brands in the world. 

The 3 Tiers are set out below:

 Tier 1

  • Top 2% of manufacturer in the world 

  • Vertically integrated (manufacture from start to finish)

  • Invests heavily in Research & Development

  • Advanced robotic processes

  •  Manufacturing solar panels for longer than 5 years

 Tier 2

  • Small to medium scale manufacturers 

  • Little or no investment in Research & Development

  • Use only partial robotics, also reliant on manual work from human  production lines

  •  Usually producing panels for 2-5 years

 Tier 3

  • Assemblers only 90% of new Solar PV

  • No investment in Research & Development

  • Assemble panels only (does not manufacture silicon cells)

  • Uses human production lines only, no advanced robotics

  • Assembling panels for 1-2 years

Some of our brands:
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