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REC TwinPeak 5 features REC's innovative design with the high panel efficiency and power output of monocrystalline cells, enabling you to get more out of the space available – helping to lower your energy bills and shorten the payback time through increased yield and lower costs.


Panels with REC TwinPeak technologies have a unique “twin” design, which enables them to generate electricity even when they are partially shaded. Over time, you get a higher yield from your installation.


By delivering more power per square meter, you need fewer REC TwinPeak 5 panels to generate the same power. This means quicker installation times and the need for fewer components such as clamps and racks. All of which reduces your overall costs, shortening the payback time.


REC TwinPeak 5 come with extra support bars across the rear of the panel, greatly boosting its strength and durability, and allowing loads of up to 7000 Pa – far exceeding the 5400 offered by conventional panels. This added strength enables you to achieve much higher energy yields. Combined with a 30 mm frame height, this frame design enables flexible installation options, making overcoming every obstacle easier during system design.

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REC TWIN-PEAK Solar Panels

REC Alpha Pure

REC Alpha panel.png

Gapless cell layout

  • Innovative gapless cell layout increases active area of the panel to capture more sunlight

  • Boosts power density to impressive 223 watts/m², with panel power reaching 430 Wp

  • Higher power in a compact panel size

  • Elegant full-black design

Heterojunction (HJT) cell technology

  • No LID = no power loss; you get the power you pay for

  • Leading temperature coefficient means more energy as temperature rises

  • Higher power for greater savings and accelerated return on investment

  • With high power density (watts/m²), REC Alpha Pure and Pure-R panels generate more energy from the same area, getting more from limited spaces

  • REC Alpha Pure Series delivers around 16% more power on your roof compared to conventional panels

REC Alpha gapless.png

Download - Data Specifications
REC ALPHA Solar Panels

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REC Solar Panel Brochure

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