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System Servicing 

Ensuring your getting the best efficiency 
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We recommend system maintenance no longer then every 2 years to ensure your system is safe and performing correctly.

Our service partners are qualified technicians and can identify any faults or potential warranty issues whilst doing your service.


Standard Service Includes:

  •  Electrical Safety Check of all Components and Cabling

  •  System Performance Check

  •  Roof Top Isolator Safety and Integrity Check

  •  Mounting Structure Inspection

  •  Inverter Airflow Clean and Condition Check

  •  Solar Panel Check for Manufacturer Faults

  •  Wi-Fi Communications Check

  •  Main Switchboard Condition Check

  •  Inspection for Vermin and Debris around Components

  •  Confirm all Solar Labelling is to Standard

  •  Comprehensive Report with Findings and Rectifications

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Common Issues Found 
Burnt-Out Roof Top Isolator due to Long-Term Sun Exposure
fault 2.jpg
Debris Build Up Restricting Air Flow and Efficiency
fault 3.jpg
Cracked Solar Cell Causing Hot Spot and Leading to Potential Fire Hazard
fault 4.png
Vermin Caught in Inverter Cooling Fan Resulting in Noisy Operation
fault 5.jpg
Inverter Sun Damage due to Long-term Sun Exposure
New Isolator Installed with Superior Sun Shield Protection
iverter guard.jpg
Inverter Guard Protects against Debris  and Sun Damage
snail Trail.jpg
Snail Trail (Manufacturing Defect)  Resulting in Premature Degradation
inverter Restrited.jpg
Restricted Inverter Ventilation Resulting in Loss of Efficiency
storage battery.jpg
Storage Battery Expansion (Manufacturers Defect)
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