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Solar energy battery storage in Australia


Residential solar panels are already popular in Australia, 18% of Australian households owns a PV system or 28% only in Queensland, according to SunWiz’s (Australia’s leading provider of Solar Market Intelligence) analysis published on January. One of the reasons for that is the dropping price of solar panels and other component parts — solar PV module costs have fallen by 75 per cent since the end of 2009, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency.

People has become more environmentally aware and conscious about its economics benefits but still solar has a enormous potential to explore. Australian house owners are asking how to use more of their solar systems, and the asnwer is: Solar Battery Storage.

If you look to the past years, traditional solar systems had a limitation and could only provide energy for your home during the day, while sunlight is shining on your roof tops, and you still would have pay for electricity from the grid at night, which is the peak time for electricity. The energy you produce during the day but don’t consume simply goes back to the grid. In Queensland, for instance, you may get paid from the retailers only 6 cents or less per kWh for your exceed energy.

Nowadays it is becoming not only possible but affordable to store the energy generated by your solar panels simply using a battery that can be used later when there is no sunlight. The benefit of using a hybrid solar system (pv system with the addition of batteries) is clear: a battery storage system can increase the amount of self-generated solar electricity a household consumes from 30 to 60% when, for instance, adding a 4 kWh battery to a 5 kWh solar system.

The way how it works is simple:

1. Solar electricity is generated and stored straight into the battery for use later.

2. When the energy is needed the solar energy flows through the inverter, and then goes to use in your home.

3. When the battery is full the solar energy continue flowing through the inverter, payback meter and then goes to the grid

The battery can makes up part of the inverter or is installed in a separate housing next to the inverter.

With the solar battery covering the gap between your demand and your production during the whole day, you will save on your electricity bills by using the grid less. This saving is more valuable specially now as home battery storage prices are coming down rapidly, feed-in tariffs (money received for feeding solar energy into the grid) continue to be phased out and grid electricity becomes more expensive.

Practical Case: 6.270 kW Battery Ready

SystemCoastwide Solar have installed today a new Battery Ready System with Canadian Solar panels 24x265W totalling an array output of 6.360 kW. It was installed with inverter Fronius 5kw 3Ph Hybrid on a Tile roof in Broadbeach Waters. Check out the pictures in our gallery.

Find out everything you need to know to save with solar, speak to our experts, who can tailor a system to meet your needs.

Coastwide Solar is updated with the new technologies and ready to provide you either a battery storage system or a battery ready system to let you prepared for the home energy storage revolution.

For the best quality solar energy products and great service call 5520 0034 today!

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