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First GCL Battery Storage System Installed in Australia

The GCL Battery Storage System was installed by Coastwide Solar in Nerang at the family home of Chris. It includes a GCL 5.6kWh Battery and a Goodwe Hybrid Inverter. Ten GCL panels 255w were added to upgrade the existing system, which had 8 panels, forming a 4.5kW solar system. This new Battery Storage System will collect the excess solar energy produced by Chris’s solar panels to be used when the sun is not shining.

This was an exciting moment for GCL Poly, the world’s biggest provider of silicon and solar cells to the global solar industry, as they are entering the market in Australia introducing a product that will result in a transformation on how house owners administer their energy consumption.

The Lithium cell E-KwBe was recently designed and manufactured by GCL System Integration and allows you to optimise the use of your solar system. Once you upgrade your solar system with GCL Battery Storage System, you will be able to use solar power during night time, reducing your electricity bills.

GCL, or "Golden Concord Holdings Limited", is an integrated energy group that specialises in clean and new energy. GCL is the world's leading photo-voltaic material manufacturer. Since founded in 1990, GCL has been committed to "bringing green power to life" by providing outstanding energy and services.

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